Free Wi-Fi service that your customers will really appreciate

Whether people travel for business or pleasure they like to tell their friends and family all about it on Facebook or Twitter. They are also likely to have time available to use the internet if it’s available. So make the most of their use of your free Wi-Fi offering with Oxifi.

With Oxifi you can provide a free Wi-Fi service that your customers will appreciate, and in exchange promote your services and gain valuable insights into your customer base. All the data will be segregated and accessible through our secure log-in page where you can access the data you have gathered which is stored in our secure data center.

Making free Wi-Fi pay for itself

The Wireless Social solution provides so much more than just free Wi-Fi. When a customer logs onto your Wi-Fi you’ll gain a valuable understanding of visitor traffic and flows complete with a demographic breakdown. There are so many ways you can promote your business to customers using your Wi-Fi. Here are just a few: Every time a customer uses your free Wi-Fi they promote your business with a Like or Follow to their friends and family. Send customers details of great travel deals or promote last minute availability. Engage your loyal customers directly through their social media accounts to encourage regular repeat business. Send vouchers through the Wireless Social portal to customers, which they will share with all their friends. This is a highly cost effective method of marketing to a highly targeted group. Generate marketing revenues through offering 3rd party companies such as travel agents, airlines, cafes, taxi firms, travel insurance companies etc, the ability to advertise their brands and offering on your Wi-Fi interface.

Get Me Started

Oxifi in your travel business is as easy as catching a bus. We send you a new Wi-Fi router which plugs into your existing broadband and you’re almost done. We supply you with log-in details to our purpose made portal where you take control of the images displayed and view all the collected data gathered.

It costs as little as £0.99 per day and provides huge potential to increase revenues. Upon request, we will supply further Oxifi hotspots that act as coverage extensions. Larger buildings with multiple rooms or levels may need greater coverage, but we have highly cost-effective solutions that do not require expensive cabling. We have a team of installation specialists who will conduct site surveys to guarantee the best solution for your needs. Please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your needs and how we can help you make the most of your free Wi-Fi.

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