Sports venues

Engage with your customers at live events
Sports Venues

An event that provides extended dwell times, in a concentrated location, offer fantastic opportunities for companies to provide a quality Wi-Fi service, whilst ensuring their brand remains visible and at the forefront of the attention of those attending the event. Providing free Wi-Fi for your patrons and serving-up advertising maximises your engagement whilst remaining at your location.

Reward loyalty

Most sports venues (football, rugby, cricket, horse racecourse etc.) have infrequent use of their stadia. However, for a defined period of time, ordinarily every two weeks, there is a captive audience with time on their hands. What do most sports fans want to do pre and post-match (and at half time!)? Check news of ‘events elsewhere’, update social media or just generally browse the internet. With Oxifi Social Wi-Fi, your connection with loyal fans takes on another dimension!

With Oxifi you can: Provide free quality Wi-Fi - enhancing their experience of visiting your arena, promote your location to their friends and family, send special offers directly to your fans: Season Ticket deals, forthcoming match news, a message from the board - absolutely any message you wish to convey.

Get me started

Installing Oxifi’s data collection router in your bar is easy. We send you a new Wi-Fi router which plugs into your existing broadband and you’re almost done. We supply you with log-in details to our purpose made portal where you take control of the images displayed and view all the collected data gathered.

It costs as little as £0.99 per day and provides you with huge potential to increase revenues.

Most venues will be covered by multiple Wi-Fi routers. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs and how we can help you make the most of your free Wi-Fi.

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