Increasing customer engagement
Local customers

Customers living locally can be the most loyal and profitable customers you will ever have. With Oxifi you can: Provide free Wi-Fi to give them another reason to come back and spend time in your establishment. Promote your restaurant to their friends and family. Send offers for times when you want to promote things like; a new menu, happy hour, seasonal food promotions, 2 for 1 deals etc.

Making your free Wi-Fi pay for itself

You can generate advertisement revenues from local business such as taxi firms, hotels, nigh clubs etc buy adding their contact detail to your customers journey or even push marketing promotions on their behalf.


If your location receives tourists you can gain more of their trade by: Advertising your free Wi-Fi so they can get caught up on Facebook, check messages or even catch up on work that requires Wi-Fi. Your customers spend more time on Facebook than on any other website, so make sure they spend that time in your establishment. Send promotions to tourist customers to gain repeat bookings during their stay in your local area.



Advertising your free Wi-Fi is a huge attraction to business users because: The hotel they are staying in may charge for internet use of the Wi-Fi, they can get caught up on emails and other online work whilst enjoying food and drink in your establishment, as Wi-Fi is becoming a commodity, increasing numbers of people will not eat at restaurants without Wi-Fi, send promotions to business customers to gain repeat bookings during their current stay or when they return, offer promotions for business meals to encourage group bookings. 

People are increasingly influenced by online recommendations, so the importance of receiving positive ‘likes’, ‘follows’ and messages every day cannot be underestimated. Google is actively promoting businesses who build greater presence on social networking so you’ll be improving your search ranking along the way.

Get me started

Using Oxifi in your restaurant is as easy as writing a menu. We send you a new Wi-Fi router which plugs into your existing broadband and you’re almost done.

It costs less per month than a meal for two people and provides huge potential to increase revenues.In most

In most cases, the entire restaurant can be covered by just one Wi-Fi router, so keeping your costs to a minimum. Upon request, we will supply further Oxifi hotspots that act as Wi-Fi coverage extensions.

To get more information about getting Oxifi in your restaurant please contact us.

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