Wi-Fi is an absolute necessity for any student

Wi-Fi is an absolute necessity for any student. From lecture theatres, classrooms, cafes, gyms, student union bars and libraries, students are one of the most active online groups. Give them free Wi-Fi and you can capture their email addresses and social profiles enabling your marketing team to send promotional messages and offers directly to them.

Making free Wi-Fi pay for itself

For example, if you have a local food outlet, a taxi firm, bar etc why not allow them the ability to advertise on you free Wi-Fi deployment. The adverts will be visible to all the students using your free Wi-Fi. Make your own fee structure. Once you have the necessary delivery system, the possibilities are endless.

Moreover, it’s not just the students who use the WiFi. Visiting friends and family from all over the world will be using the internet at one point - perhaps to update people on their trip - which makes it the perfect promotional tool, one that costs absolutely nothing! You can also personalise the landing pages with your university’s branding, and direct users to the University’s website delivering the massages you see fit.

Safety and Security

Oxifi also protects against any malicious use of your University’s Wi-Fi network. It captures users’ IP addresses, and in the event of an undesirable web page being viewed, you can block an individual from your network and hand their details over to the relevant authorities.

Get me started

Installation and use of Oxifi is easy. We’ll mail you a router, and all you need to do is plug it into the back of your existing router. You will also receive log-in details to our online portal, where you can send out personalised messages to your customers via email, SMS or by simply customizing the interface of the log-in pages which can automatically change by time date or even demographic specifically.

Multiple buildings and floors may have a more complex setup however, our tech experts are on hand to make the process as simple as possible. We have a team of installation specialists who will conduct site surveys to guarantee the best solution for your needs. Please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your needs and how we can help you make the most of your free Wi-Fi.

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