Bars and Pubs

Public houses and bars are the perfect opportunity for Oxifi
Bars and pubs

The average bar has thousands of unique customers every month. Imagine being able reach out to them directly while they are enjoying food and drink. Oxifi also enables you to gather their social media information so you can then promote to them and their friends via their social media account even if they are not in your establishment.

Making your free Wi-Fi pay for itself

When your customers visit you, they are on their own or with a group friends to enjoy themselves. This is a perfect opportunity to market to them.Invite people to use your Wi-Fi by offering them a freebie when they log on – they’ll ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ your business and let all of their friends know about the great offer you are running at that given time. This will increase your customer number and promote your offering.

Invite your customers to happy hours, parties, celebrations, launches, music nights, quizzes, cocktail nights, specialist DJ’s, BBQ’s and any other special event at any time directly to their Facebook account.

Encourage your guests to take pictures and then interact with their friends through Social Media, via your free Wi-Fi. People on Facebook and Twitter interact more with posts with photos than those without. Gather 100’s of new profiles every week from the precise audience you’re looking for – and then let them tell all of their friends about it.

If your bar has an outdoor area where people dwell you can promote to consumers who log on to your free Wi-Fi. This can work especially well for towns situated in busy footfall areas like cities, beaches etc. You will be able to offer people promotions who possibly didn’t even know consider entering your establishment. Oxifi helps get your message to the punter even before they have thought of entering your bar.

Get Me Started

Installing Oxifi’s data collection router in your bar is easy. We send you a new Wi-Fi router which plugs into your existing broadband and you’re almost done. We supply you with log-in details to our purpose made portal where you take control of the images displayed and view all the collected data gathered.

It costs as little as £0.99 per day and provides you huge potential to increase revenues.

Most bars can be covered by just one Wi-Fi router, keeping your costs to a minimum. Larger bars or nightclubs with multiple rooms or levels may need greater coverage. Upon request we will supply further Oxifi hotspots that act as Wi-Fi coverage extensions.

To get more information about having Oxifi in your bar/pub please contact us

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