Oxifi Social Marketing

Reach your customers with tailored promotions
SMS marketing

Our cloud-based software makes life easier when sending highly targeted SMS in real-time to customers who are currently in your venue or have previously visited.

Through the data you have collected, Sending individually targeted messages or large-scale text marketing campaigns directly from our secure cloud-based dashboard is easy and you instantly engage with your consumers.

Proactive marketing

Wi-Fi marketing enables you to market to all users of your service but in a controlled and targeted manner. The marketing process starts when people commence their Wi-Fi log-in journey. You can create your own customised landing page where you are able to offer incentives and offers.

Using the cloud-based portal you can easily customise the customer log-in page for your social Wi-Fi. You can upload your own photos and corporate images to personalise the log-in page. This is the page that people see when they are logging on via their social media account. It's a great place to start your marketing campaign in exchange for customers receiving free Wi-Fi.

Here are a few examples of log-in screen messages to get you thinking: Log-on to our free Wi-Fi and get a free cake, Wi-Fi users are the first to hear about special promotions, Log-on and buy three drinks for the price of two, sign-up to our newsletter and get great discounts all year

Email marketing

Marketing by email is one of the most cost-effective ways to gain customer loyalty and increase repeat business. The Oxifi portal includes an email marketing platform enabling you to harness the power of the customer data that the Oxifi Wi-Fi router collects.

The marketing tools are so easy to use that targeted emails becomes effortless. Our portal allows you to select templates, colors and fonts allowing you to build beautifully tailored emails without previous experience. Our templates are fully mobile responsive so no matter which device your customers are using, your email will always look great. Segment your customer using the data you’ve collated through your Oxifi router. Target your marketing material to specific demographics such as age, gender and even the last time they visited your venue.

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