How it works?

Tailored Wi-Fi hotspots to promote your brand with Oxifi Metro Wi-Fi
Select your network
Once the end user has selected the chosen SSID, they are presented with your tailor-made advertisement (video or still image). Links are embedded within your company advertisement, directing users to your preferred URL. Providing you with valuable, organic traffic to your brand, products and services.
Register to Oxifi Metro Wi-Fi
The end user is presented with a simple registration via either a one-click Facebook entry point, or through a simple data registration form. The registration page also provides header and footer real estate for your company adverts.
Data Collection
Once the end user has confirmed their choice of registration and accepted the terms and conditions, Oxifi Metro extrapolates invaluable data which is securely stored on our servers. This data is accessible through Oxifi's portal.
Organic data is now stored within Oxifi's servers and ready to segment into specific marketing campaigns. These will be tailored to fit your marketing strategy and brand message. Your campaigns will be rolled out through SMS, direct mail and tele-sales operations.