About Us

Introducing Oxygen Data Media Limited
Delivery of quality Wi-Fi services
Oxygen Data Media Limited was established by industry professionals who recognised the value of providing (either directly, or in conjunction with strategic channel partners) improved communication via the delivery of quality Wi-Fi services, sophisticated data analytics, reporting, location based services etc. whilst ensuring business clients are able to maximise their return on investment by utilising our demographically specific marketing methodologies. In addition, Oxygen Data Media Limited operates an exceptional brand exposure opportunity for organisations wishing to promote their company’s products and/or services to users of the public and private Wi-Fi deployments, where we are fully integrated. The main Board Directors comprise of individuals with a variety of industry experience from differing sectors. Role experiences include commercial, direct and channel sales/ marketing, product design, development and global market launch, human resources and operational structures. Our investor partner joined the business bringing valuable experience, knowledge and guidance, alongside impeccable trading credentials over multiple sectors.