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Change your Wi-Fi into a smart data collection marketing tool. Getting started couldn’t be easier.
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Putting you in
the driving seat

Reaching your customers has never been easier...

With Oxifi your re-marketing options are endless.
We simply give you an easy-to-use dashboard,
and you drive your campaigns through a host
of options.

Marketing Features
Tailored for you with 3 easy steps...

Visitors search for the Wi-Fi SSID for example: Your company name


Customers are presented with your customised pages to login for free Wi-Fi


They are requested to fill in a short form, accept the T&C’s and are free to use the WI-Fi

Oxifi Social Wi-Fi

Customise your WiFi and promote your business

Oxifi Social Marketing

Reach your customers with tailored promotions

Oxifi Social Analytics

Access vital insights on your WiFi users to improve your business

Oxifi Social Reporting

‘Like’ and check-in
via facebook

Oxifi Social Security

SSL Encryption is standard through our network

Oxifi Social Location Services

Optimise your venue layout with heat mapping

It really is as simple as 1,2,3
How it works?

Our Sectors?

Find your Oxifi Wi-Fi hotspot on the go!

Bars & Pubs
Betting Shops
Sports Venues

Say hello to Oxifi Metro...

Expose your brand and products on free public Wi-Fi

Oxifi Metro Wi-Fi allows you to promote your company's brand, image, product and services on free public Wi-Fi deployments across the UK. Capturing valuable data that ensures optimum customer engagement.

Reaching the public
with your brand
and products
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How does it work for you and your business:

Visitors search forOxifi Wi-Fi SSID


Customers are presented with a customised page to login for free Wi-Fi


Fill in a short form, accept the T&C’s,access Free Wi-Fi


The customer is now welcomed to theWi-Fi sponsored by your company

Oxifi Metro Wi-Fi

Tailored Wi-Fi hotspots to promote your brand

Oxifi Metro Security

SSL Encryption - Secure data storage

Oxifi Metro Marketing

Reach new customers with tailored promotions


Get insights on your advertising campaigns

Oxifi Metro Reporting

User engagement reporting

Expand your brand and data collection
How it works?

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